Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

How small wind work.

A wind turbine will generate electricity as long as there is relatively constant wind of a reasonable speed. Most small wind turbines need an average speed of 4.5 metres per second (16km/h) to operate effectively.

A turbine model with a rated capacity of 1 kW (kilowatt), means it will produce 1 kW of electricity per hour when exposed to a specific rated wind speed. Although capacity ratings are a useful guide, in the real world a turbine will not be exposed to ideal conditions or the ‘rated wind speed' at all times. This means turbines will typically generate, on average, only 10-40% of their rated capacity every hour over a year.

Is small wind right for you?

Generally, small wind turbines are best suited to rural settings that are exposed to strong and consistent wind, and where there is no connection to the electricity network. Both these factors can help improve the economics of installing a small-scale wind generator. For the same reasons, small wind turbines are less suited for use in urban areas.

Households usually use micro wind turbines that are smaller than 5kW. Small communities or groups of houses might use up to 20kW in size.

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