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A building approach that improves habitations and reduces energy consumption is Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction. For 30 years, developers and builders have been using ICF’s to frame structures versus wood, concrete blocks and removable forms. With ever-increasing energy consumption, ICF construction is becoming the most effective model for structural fabrication.

Made of expanded polystyrene, ICF’s are an insulating forming system for pour-in-place concrete walls and foundations. They are stacked in a running bond pattern forming both an interior and exterior insulated wall.

Building With FORMCAST

Installers lay rebar horizontally and vertically inside the forms to create required strength for the expected vertical and lateral load conditions. After proper installation and bracing, the ICF’s are pumped full of concrete.

Building With FORMCAST

Since the protective insulation stays in place and provides an ideal curing environment, the concrete is up to 50% stronger than concrete cured in removable form systems. FORMCAST structures provide superior safety, strength, efficiencies, comfort and healthier environments.

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